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On the one hand, the instruments for theological quality control are indicated, such as the disputatio and peer review.
citing Suarez, Disputatio 21, 3, 5] "Under Christ, the blessed Virgin is as it were the universal cause most intimately connected with him; hence it belongs to her position to comprehend in the Word the whole universe.
Their attack was centered on scholastic methodology, the scholastic disputatio or dialectical method of disputation, with its penchant for making eternal conceptual distinctions of questions and which, for the Christian humanists, not merely inhibited religious understanding but also marked an impoverishment of the religious spirit in the individual.
Isso e verdade para o livro de ficcao lido em voz alta, como para o ensino universitario, onde o professor le e comenta as obras, e onde os estudantes aprendem a argumentar gracas a disputatio.
Tianzhu shiyi was known in Europe by its Latin title De Deo verax disputatio (True argumentation about God).
1) Minor eco ebbe la piu ridotta Disputatio de Somnio Scipionis di Favonio Eulogio.
Ariew identifies three Leibnizian views on individuation: the whole entity (in the 1663 Disputatio Metaphysica de Principio Individui); the substantial form (in his 1668 treatment of transubstantiation); and his mature view, according to which there is no principle of individuation since all properties are essential to the identity of a thing.
9) For a classic statement of this view see Leif Grane, Contra Gabrielem: Luthers Auseinandersetzung mit Gabriel Biel in der Disputatio contra scholasticam theologiam 1517 (Copenhagen, 1962).
The educational method of early modern Europe, notes Kors, was scholastic disputatio, which rewarded speculative ingenuity.
Apres cet episode qui agite profondement les intellectuels parisiens, le feu de la disputatio semble s'eteindre.
26) For example, the 1710 thesis of the aspiring advocate John Reid is influenced by Cujas, as is his construction, "Me suscipit ergo Advocatus: Ego sum Procuratori Mandator aut Dominus" (The advocate therefore supports me, but I am the mandator or master of the procurator): Disputatio Juridica ad Titulum 3.
Within Islam there is no corpus of canonical texts that lend themselves to disputatio.