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His definition of disputation as 'a manifestation of scholarship and scholarly interaction' (p.
Medieval disputation truly flowered with the 12th-century rediscovery and translation of Aristotle's Topics and Sophistical Refutations, which provided the best models yet for dialectic argumentation.
Among the communicative activity types that have come into being in the political domain, where the genre of disputation is used most prominently, (7) are next to the plenary European debate examined by us and by Plug (this issue) for instance also the General Debate ["algemene beschouwingen"] in Dutch Parliament studied by Tonnard (this issue), the lawmaking debate in British Parliament studied by Ihnen (this issue), Prime Minister's Question Time in British Parliament studied by Mohammed (this issue), and the political interview studied by Andone (this issue) (8).
The document demanded ending up disputation and unifying Palestinian ranks.
Each question is set out in typical disputation fashion: beginning with a series of objections, then an oppositum based on the text of Aristotle, Albert's general response to the question, followed by his specific responses to each of the objections.
This is no dry disputation on the production of meaning, but a conversation with the self, about the self--a darkly humorous dialogue shot through with melancholy.
A disputation was a formal debate in which theses (printed in advance) were propounded by a professor, then defended by a student and answered by one or two selected opponents, with further discussion in the presence of an audience that might also briefly participate in the comments.
In Paul Richard Blums's contribution, "Pico, Theology, and the Church," the author explores Pico's understanding of theology and philosophy and his call for a council to engage in disputation concerning his 900 Theses.
Yet within the discipline of English, always tentatively, provisionally defined by those who teach it, the relationship between college English and high school English has been marked by disputation and dismay.
But then, in late 1757, the pro-Frank (and anti-Semitic) bishop in charge of the disputation suddenly dropped dead.
The disputation statistics of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have traditionally been amongst the most comprehensive in the OECD and recent adjustments have been made since the introduction of enterprise bargaining.
Few will doubt the impact that George Bush, as the 43rd American President, has had in generating an over abundance of political dialogue, demagoguery, disputation, and debate.