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In the Heidelberg Disputations, Luther discussed what it meant to be a theologian of the cross rather than articulate a theology of the cross.
She tells what is known of his life, his imprisonments in 1589, 1608 and 1613; a disputation again and sentence later that year; and his hearing and final sentence in 1614.
Each question is set out in typical disputation fashion: beginning with a series of objections, then an oppositum based on the text of Aristotle, Albert's general response to the question, followed by his specific responses to each of the objections.
What was wrong with it, according to Arminius, is revealed within the complications of proper scholastic reasoning exemplified by the disputations.
Here the reader is introduced to Arminius's colleagues within the Leiden faculty of theology and to the scholastic discourse of the academic disputation.
However, his activity from the Leipzig disputation in 1518 to his death in Cambridge in 1551 as a tireless activist, prolific author, and committed reconciler within the polarized and sometimes fragmented reformation movement make this volume a particularly helpful summary of his life and contribution.
They once heard that there had come to town a certain priest, Father Muzdalo, famous throughout all Dalmatia for his skill in disputations.
Like disputations among theologians over matters of faith, some analysts become lost in theoretical hair-splitting and an attempt to overdefine principles that, by their very nature, are mutable and dependent on the context.
Medieval theological disputations featured discussions with Jews and Christians, but these latter communities could not legally disciple Muslims (Martin).
7) Debates, back-and-forth discussions, and ideological disputations set the internal dynamics of ideological production as each side of the debate structures the kind of argument its opponent is likely to advance against it and vice versa.
Spectator responses have run the gamut: angry disputations of Hutchins's words, confessions of white guilt (or charges of being manipulated into such a stance), questions about McCauley's use of nudity, sharing of personal experiences of racism and/or sexual assault, all of which McCauley attempts to elucidate without suggesting resolution.
Republicans and Democrats would debate and wrangle all day, and at sundown sensibly move to the nearest pub to continue our friendly disputations on into the night.