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A raft of bills that would dramatically alter the way beer is sold and consumed in Texas sailed through tentative approval from the House on Friday after a lengthy and disputatious process between brewers and beer distributors.
How disputatious the legal landscape in Ghana can become was illustrated at the Supreme Court at the word "go"--even before the petition proper to the Court was heard.
42) The distinctiveness of a culture comes about in a dialectic between 1) characteristic or novel social action within a wider social environment, and 2) disputatious communal interpretations of the meaning and value of these actions.
In having stressed the prominent role played by the three Roman soldiers whose voice is generally disputatious, and though still somewhat at odds with itself when the drama ends, it appears reasonable to find the play's "most important character" is the singular, divided voice of the Roman soldiers, a paradoxical voice, divisive yet unifying.
Pakistan's civilian leaders have raised their voices as active and disputatious interlocutors on regional affairs and, by gradually removing foreign affairs from the almost exclusive domain of the military, have vested sovereignty more firmly in Parliament.
For Singer, this was a particularly ironic fate, because the whole energy of his fiction is negativemocking, disputatious, despairing, perverse.
This paper uncovers the disputatious nature of late-medieval culture, ridden by deep anxiety about clerical celibacy.
Some are aggressively factious, disputatious, and even pugnacious, while others agreeably seek out consensus.
It can mean what it always meant in your family, a culture, a civilization, as open-minded as your grandfather was, as delightedly disputatious as your father was.
Bland's contemporary, the much loved but disputatious Rev.
MOST AMERICANS FIND today's disputatious politics, egged on by the strident voices of cable television, unsavory and unhelpful.