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197) "Most jurors accept role responsibility though a disquietingly large minority do not.
Ink drawings made under the influence of Timothy Leary's psilocybin pills reveal at least one source of the paintings' subtly but disquietingly acidic colors.
Croatian writer Neven Usumovic's "Veres" and Polish writer Michal Witkowski's "Didi," on the other hand, offer disquietingly contemporary glimpses of a Europe seen "from below," with the latter story, in particular, standing out for its focus on a truly abject figure.
But the Moravian voyages brought into focus the disquietingly wide variety of opinions European Protestants continued to profess on such vital matters.
Coetzee gave David Atwell in which Coetzee observed that autobiography is invariably "'autre-biography [or] an account of another self'" and if that other self hangs disquietingly over the story of a life, Vambe further complicates its presence by suggesting the presence of what is perhaps a fourth self, the self about whom the autobiographer has refused to commit herself or himself and that lives in silences in the text.
If minute ventilation (VE) rises smartly along with the f/VT, the patient may be simply exhibiting a normal exercise response despite a disquietingly high value for the RSBI.
Disquietingly, while four precious turtle species have nearly disappeared from the Indian coast, it is now the turn of the precious Ridleys.
As they drive through the Bosnian countryside, which looks disquietingly like somewhere in Oregon, Gere keeps us guessing whether Hunt's zeal for the story is "moral" or simply addictive.
Her act of staring angers Rua, and ultimately feels disquietingly inappropriate to the politically correct reader who has undoubtedly been taught 'not to stare'.
The inspired revisionist "Battlestar Galactica" has always trucked in dark themes and nearly impossible ethical choices for its characters to make, so the grim material here isn't out of place, though it is disquietingly compelling.
McDade laid out for Signature is disquietingly similar to the one he has been trying to implement at PDL: imprudently and unproductively overspending on R&D and to acquire products, building headcount exponentially and squandering much-needed corporate capital by moving unnecessarily to a fancy new corporate headquarters.