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Their selftitled debut is an album that is equal parts playfulness and disquietude, toeing the line between music that sweeps the listener up, and lyrics that beg for their deep sensitivity and understanding.
Enduring two hours of language immersion contributed to participants' widespread disquietude.
For instance, when struggling with his opera The Fiery Angel in 1927, fearful that he was "coming apart at the seams," he reminded himself that such disquietude was "shameful for a Christian Scientist" (p.
I believe the implied suggestion was an attempt at cleansing of guilt, with ironic inversion of Christian baptism, but the effect on me was disquietude.
To be sure, this hostile reaction and backlash in the public sphere seems tied in no small measure to reactionary disquietude and indignation over Obama's election to an office that has conventionally been the exclusive preserve of white masculine subjects who have primarily defined presidentialism in the nation's historical imaginary, a concept also linked to purist notions of national identity that are perceived as being incongruent with the president's mixed-race racial background.
This is an expression of the international financial markets' grave disquietude over the status quo in Egypt, which makes it more difficult for the country to approach such markets," the former finance minister, Hazem Al-Beblawi, told Daily News Egypt.
In every wish, thought and action he is seeking to escape the same protoplasmic disquietude that impels the meanest flesh crawling beneath his feet.
The tension in that trio has now been replaced by a sense of disquietude between the two.
Though often submerged by the Translation's teeming narrative, Hamilton's disquietude in regards to English colonialism lurks just below the surface, as is illustrated in the following excerpt: