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It is telling that the English language has more than three dozen words for gradations of fear and anxiety: worry, concern, apprehension, unease, disquietude, inquietude, angst, misgiving, nervousness, tension and so forth.
Having said that, a de-radicalization process is condemned to fail if it does not consider the micro level and this social disquietude.
Ellis, in A Treatise on the Nature, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of Insanity (1838), devote several pages to individual cases of mental disquietude brought on by religiosity.
The feeling of immersive disquietude can also be glimpsed in the uncanny apparition in "An Afternoon Unregistered" of a yellow figure at the window--a figure who Raqs describe as being Sisyphus-like and absurd.
We live in an age of visible transition--an age of disquietude and doubt, of the removal of time-wom landmarks and the breaking up of the hereditary elements of society--old opinions, feelings--ancestral customs and institutions are crumbling away, and both the spiritual and temporal worlds are darkened by the shadows of change.
Devil, Dear" takes the reader traveling near and far, examining comfort zones and boldly stepping beyond them, facing the disquietude of mortality with McFadden's fearlessness and wit.
Disquietude circumambulated me as I strangely imploded.
Does the mental health worker of African descent who has to choose between supporting any past, present or future troop in his or her carrying out America's anti-African missions versus not supporting and opposing the same perceive or feel a dilemma, disquietude, or fear?
Great Britain's whole European politics in this period of disquietude and change political, military and national--is also depicted by Radu Florescu, in a confidential Report entitled On the English Politics following the Munich Agreement (A.
Their selftitled debut is an album that is equal parts playfulness and disquietude, toeing the line between music that sweeps the listener up, and lyrics that beg for their deep sensitivity and understanding.
For the past few years and the recent scenario, obesity has been one of the major health disquietude policy makers in India.
It was as if walking in a strange unsettling territory--my disquietude violating the sense of deep peace and repose that night signifies in tranquil lives.