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Disregarded entities are in some respects very similar to pass-through entities.
Further disability-related leave was disregarded but, following a shoulder injury sustained by the employee, a further formal meeting was held and the employee was dismissed.
Swiftly, and with very little analysis, the court determined "the claim that the arbitrator disregarded the law, [is] not included among those specifically enumerated in [section] 10 and [is] therefore not cognizable.
7701-2(a), business entities with a single owner may be disregarded as an entity separate from their owner (disregarded entities) for federal tax purposes.
It is regrettable that those involved in these violations disregarded traffic laws and put the life of road users at risk.
The judge said he also disregarded warnings to stop, left the scene of the accident and drove off when the police tried to apprehend him.
Some of the important benefits associated with an SMLLC come from its treatment as a disregarded entity for income and employment tax purposes.
McDonough recommended that the Treasury Department permit owners of disregarded to elect to assume joint and several liability of employment tax obligations with the entities in order to permit the owners to file and report the employment tax obligations at the owner level.
When libertarian-oriented activist judges such as Fields and Peckham disregarded an objective reading of the Constitution in order to elevate their personal beliefs to the highest law of the land, they set the stage for FDR-appointed activist judges to disregard the objective meaning of the Constitution (e.
In the past, councils have disregarded only part of the pension, treating the rest as earned income and as a result cutting the amount of benefit.
Bush tried to blame the torture scandal on a "few American troops who dishonored our country and disregarded our values.
Further, there must be a complete investigation into the suggestion in the audit that some school-site purchases in the LAUSD were driven by ``political expedience'' and health concerns were disregarded.