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And another element to him which perhaps should not go unmentioned is his raffishness, if you like, his air of disreputability.
This is a far cry from Blanche's desperate mixture of public shame and private ignorance in Incestueuse: it allows Paloma to manage her reputation as a matter of titillating disreputability.
7) Through it all, Raykoff highlights the sources of queer disreputability in queers' putative lack not only of authentic, productive creativity but of appropriate reverence toward same as demonstrated by their impudent alterations of Original Texts.
What if in the future all the usual objections to time travel having been finally overcome, the one remaining, insurmountable, were the deep disreputability, the embarrassment.
47) See also Donald Greene's "A Reading Course in Autobiography," which lists the works of Laetitia Pilkington, George Anne Bellamy, and Charlotte Charke (numbered 31-33): "Examples of chroniques scandaleuses in autobiographical form by ladies of greater or less disreputability, a popular genre during the century (cf.