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They have led internal investigations into individuals or organisations who have acted disreputably and have sanctioned them accordingly.
But under the present BHB articles of association it would happen only if either the present RCA nominee ceased "to be the person most representative of the interests of owners of racecourses" - in which case he would be replaced by someone who was - or it was proved the RCA had acted disreputably.
A couple of boats have been converted by their Egyptian owners into gold-leafed floating Shangri-las, guarded by men in uniform and sporting air conditioning and satellite dishes, but most are disreputably scruffy, a mass of creaking boards, creakier furniture and highly original plumbing arrangements.
Then the suggestion was of tipsiness, and of an awareness of behaving disreputably.
How tiresome he can be with his everlasting chatter about his antiquarian father; and his disreputably aristocratic mama; and his untidy financial affairs.