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After Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi publicly stated that the proposed ordinance for convicted lawmakers was 'nonsense' and urged that it should be 'torn' and 'thrown away', the BJP has severely criticized the ruling party and alleged that the Congress number two disrespected Prime Minister Dr.
The mother-in-law felt disrespected because there bad never been an effort made to repay the loan.
I am not speaking for myself - I am speaking for all those who have been disrespected.
IF you live in the greater Los Angeles area, you have almost surely been disrespected sometime very recently.
In the recent fatal shooting of a Tacoma, Washington high school shooting, Police spokesman Mark Fulghum said "one of the rumors that's out there is that he (the killer) felt disrespected in some way.
I thought it might be a good interview, until he disrespected the old school and all the Lords of Dogtown.
Individuals who feel disrespected by their medical practitioners are less likely to seek regular physical exams, to follow their physician's advice, or to receive preventive care for certain conditions.
The unrepentant Chang continues to market his racist board game, proving that disrespect of self invites the same from others--especially when those being disrespected are willing to not only tolerate it, but pay for it.
Accepting a Special Recognition Award from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation earlier this year, she said, "This song is definitely a universal message that everybody can relate to--anyone [who's] been discriminated against or unaccepted, unappreciated, or disrespected just because of who you are.
Kempling wrote to local papers regarding advice found in these materials which disrespected the beliefs of the world's major religions.