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I immediately told them in harsh words that they are disrespecting the national flag.
Investigators said Mendoza shot the victim after the two had argued about one disrespecting the other at a house in the 3000 block of West Avenue R-6, the home of a woman whom both men knew, investigators said.
to jail for one year and fined her Dh10,000 for disrespecting and cursing a judge at the Dubai Court of First Instance in October.
Even if any of my colleagues finds me drinking water in my cabin - we are not allowed to eat or drink at work without hiding - he or she gets upset and argues that I am disrespecting their religion.
Disrespecting fans is disrespecting the game was another line in the speech.
Those who do so are disrespecting the words of Allah, according to Discover Islam Sharia adviser and director Shaikh Essam Ishaq.
WOLFGANG Stark - the referee accused by John Terry of disrespecting him in March - will take charge of England's crucial World Cup clash with Slovenia in Port Elizabeth tomorrow.
Washington, November 15 ( ANI ): Justin Bieber has apologized for disrespecting the Argentine flag during one of his recent shows.
GHAZNICITY(PAN): Villagers in southern Ghazni province on Tuesday protested against foreign forces for what they alleged bombing a civilian house, arresting four civilians and disrespecting the religion and culture.
Congress party Vice President has committed the sin of disrespecting the Prime Minister," Modi said.
But Everton football club have been accused of disrespecting the Maori culture by doing their own version of the intimidating dance to launch their new all black strip.