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will not be the cataclysmic event that some have feared, but is more likely to result in a series of disruptions, the scale of which is anyone's guess.
Although the available oil stocks and the coordination mechanisms in place guarantee no disruption of supply of petroleum products to consumers in the EU, the situation stemming from the ongoing dispute between Russia and Belarus has to be taken seriously.
7M in funding by the Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under the second phase of its Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) program.
With increased collaboration between the purchasing group that selects and manages suppliers, and the supply chain group that works with suppliers on a day-to-day basis - companies can significantly reduce the likelihood of a disruption caused by supplier instability.
As one of the most widely deployed SCADA communications protocols in the electrical utility industry, unsecured DNP3 networks are vulnerable to cyber attacks that can cause severe disruptions to the Nation's power distribution and have incalculable effects on the economy.
According to Buffington, a business continuity plan is a carefully crafted blueprint for sustaining critical business functions in the face of natural disasters or other potential disruptions.
The Cesura managed service shortens and eliminates the intermittent disruptions that users experience with on-demand applications -- improving customer satisfaction and financial performance while guarding against unwanted customer churn.
Predicting disruption: Disruption occurs when market incumbents fail to recognize, or respond to, potentially disruptive innovation.
The new agreement was achieved without work disruption and was ratified by employees on February 22.
In order to avoid any supply disruption that could force wide production shutdowns at GM, further financial support from GM is regarded as a certainty.
The West is growing fast, making businesses especially vulnerable to man-made disruptions, whether intentional or inadvertent, to say nothing of natural disasters.
The rapid growth of the entire region is placing growing strains on the power grid, and companies have to expect disruptions that will affect their operations.