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With this statement Major separated himself from the dominantly realistic tradition of both commercial publishing and the academic canon and identified his work with the disruptively experimental style being explored by writers emerging in the 1960s and flourishing in the 1970s and '80s.
New employees will work closely with our team of highly talented colleagues, including distinguished Engineers, to disruptively innovate and improve the New Network said Dave Clements, Site Leader for Convergys in Rohrmoser.
NASDAQ: UBNT) ("Ubiquiti") today announced the availability of two new cutting-edge but disruptively priced UniFi enterprise Wi-Fi access points (AP) for outdoor deployments: UniFi Outdoor AC for 802.
If we can win against a team playing as disruptively as South Africa then it's a very positive sign.
And even after the collaboration began, leading in the past eighteen months to the publications of their Caravaggio's Secrets and Derek Jarman's Caravaggio, Bersani wrote by himself such disruptively original, widely translated works as The Freudian Body: Psychoanalysis and Art (1986), and Homos (1995), with its brilliantly revisionist chapters on Proust, Genet, and especially Gide.
The newly launched Mondopad is a unique all-in-one giant collaboration tablet incorporating disruptively priced, any-to-any cloud video conferencing that is aimed at small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).