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By correlating the strength and disruptiveness of the accent with the score given for speaking skills, the number of pronunciation mistakes and the number of language mistakes, we got the result we had expected.
Environmental turbulence is the interaction between the pace and disruptiveness of change.
To help consumers, RICS's Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) has developed The Greener Homes Price Guide, which offers impartial expert advice on the cost, energy saving, payback period, and disruptiveness of green improvements to your property.
The ratings of hyperactivity, inattention and disruptiveness are highly culturally dependent.
Among many other examples that could be mentioned, this book exposes the sheer raucousness and disruptiveness of theatrical experience in the non-patent venues, as well as in other spheres of popular culture such as the activity of looking into print-shop windows, a type of public gathering that often attracted criminals and pick-pockets.
Destroyed schools, long emptied of students, are shown as a grim reminder as to the disruptiveness of war on human life.
The film, in a sense, admits to its own genre and suggests that "independent filmmaking" does not adequately characterize it, since film relies on the cineliteracies of its audience to follow its narrative even as it revises these literacies, much as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre references Dracula to fictionalize and thus make more intelligible the disruptiveness of the Manson-era counterculture to America's self-image:
The disruptiveness of the woman-on-top has a different effect if played by Katherine Hepburn or Meg Ryan instead of Queen Latifah.
Egeland and colleagues also scored the disruptiveness of each event, but time pressures mitigated against our using these scores.
Maraglia's disruptiveness as a direct result of "a very violent, very traumatic and very, very dangerous home invasion" involving his youngest child and grandchild.
The disruptiveness of chromosome depends upon the number of genes changed due to the recombination operation.