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Survey respondents identified the following as the Top Five Potential Disruptors to their businesses:
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Each of those points, where a consumer is frustrated or prevented or delayed from doing something they want to do, provides a place where a disruptor can come in with an idea about how it can be done better, faster or easier, Lass said.
Although the term "endocrine disruptor" was not yet in use, Theo's descriptions mirrored what we now recognize as characteristics of endocrine disruptor exposures.
Disruptors that ignore the big crunch find themselves in this last, dying stage.
Alarm about endocrine disruptors once was a fringe scientific concern but increasingly has moved mainstream.
Interestingly, P&C IT leaders were least concerned with increased catastrophes and the financial environment as potential disruptors, with 11 percent and 9 percent of CIOs respectively citing these issues as their top concern.
Regulating endocrine disruptors on a case-by-case basis may also be inadequate, Myers said, citing the recent ban in the European Union on the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in infant feeding bottles.
Hormone disruptors interfere with the healthy functioning of the endocrine system by binding to hormone receptor sites, thus producing a number of unnatural responses.
As a result of her early research, Kelydra discovered that endocrine disruptors affect the rates at which mosquitoes hatch and that they also change the buzzing sounds that mosquitoes make when they beat their wings.
The difficulty of assessing public health effects is increased by the fact that people are typically exposed to multiple endocrine disruptors simultaneously.
North American scientists in a wide range of disciplines update their 1999 overview in light of developments in both the academic perspective and emerging clinical manifestation of the endocrine disruptors such as evidence that hormone replacement therapy increases the incidence of endometrial cancer; novel androgens of anthropogenic origin in the environment; and an increase in the incidence of infertility, impotency, and neoplasm in men and women.