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Unruly pupils who seriously disrupt lessons and school activities or refuse to leave class should be controlled by force, new Government guidance for teachers suggests.
It also says teachers can restrain youngsters who are hurting, or at risk of hurting, someone by accident, or if a pupil absconds from class, or detention - if that would put the pupil in danger or disrupt classes.
When an alien species kills off a native species, it can seriously disrupt the food chain, the intricate web in which energy or nutrients pass from one organism to another.
The pressure will attack the pocket pass and attempt to disrupt the timing and rhythm of the run blocking as it develops.
In these studies, we used 4-tert-octylphenol (OP), a known EDC (2), which has been reported to disrupt endocrine function in fish (3), frogs (4), and rats (5).
A clear example, and the focus of this argument, are compounds that disrupt reproduction through their effects on steroid hormones and receptors.
The potential to disrupt vertebrate reproduction is clearly present in plants.
Either path is well within the VoIP performance threshold, and moving traffic to the slightly better path may disrupt active voice calls or may be more expensive.
Antibodies induced in the patient by immunization with the anti-G17 immunogen disrupt this proliferative loop by neutralizing gastrin 17 and gly-extended gastrin 17.
The show also welcomes back veteran Disrupt speakers including:
The winning company will receive a $50,000 grand prize and the Disrupt Cup at the conclusion of the conference.
VDAs are presently the focus of intense cancer research particularly in combination treatments with existing cancer therapeutics because of the observed ability to selectively target and disrupt abnormal blood vessels, and to cause extensive destruction of central regions of tumors--areas that are believed to contain cells resistant to most conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation.