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For example, with respect to protocol, the number of respondents citing dissatisfactory line incidents linked to others' physical acts (n = 37) was three times greater than the number of respondents noting satisfactory incidents of the same origin (n = 12).
KARACHI -- MQM chief Altaf Hussain said on Tuesday that performance of law enforcement agencies was extremely dissatisfactory.
The court expressing its annoyance over the way the probe was being conducted said that NAB's action in the case was dissatisfactory.
The researchers interpret that to mean that people who feel trapped in their country are more likely to try to justify the country's system and rationalize away its dissatisfactory elements.
The committee expressed its dismay over the briefing and output of Pakistan Manpower Institute (PMI) as dissatisfactory.
The committee described the overall performance of commerce ministry dissatisfactory saying that exporting goods worth 25 billion dollars was not a work of wonder done by commerce ministry and in fact in happened so due to hike in prices.
The bench termed the report over steps for safeguarding lives and properties of residents of Balochistan dissatisfactory and directed the Chief Secretary to furnish a detailed report enlisting such incidents from January 1, 2008 till 2011.
690 million to a sub-committee due to dissatisfactory answers of the police department.
The committee termed the performance of the Corporation dissatisfactory and said the Corporation has failed to send Pakistani professionals and manpower according to demand.
The same dissatisfactory situation has been witnessed at Ketti Bandar, from where few families have agreed to move to Ebrahim Hydri at their relatives homes.
The question of why the ministry insists on giving the tablets to students despite the dissatisfactory results from testing the scheme remains an issue.
Succumbing to political pressure could result in a dissatisfactory end result.