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Shadow Welsh Secretary Mr Smith said: "The Silk Commission's report was a considered piece of work and this deeply dissatisfactory delaying tactic goes to show the complacency and lack of urgency that has been the hallmark of the Wales Office under the Tories.
When you look at relationships that are being built on the underwriting and placement of coverage and then when you contrast it on the claims side it is clear to see why there are so many companies who responded that they had a dissatisfactory experience throughout the claims process," Melton said.
Dissatisfactory items will involve primarily failures of instrumental performance to meet expectations.
Price hike, unhygienic food, dusty atmosphere, lack of seating arrangements and dissatisfactory security arrangements marred 'Lok Mela'.
those services for clients connected with improving qualifications of personnel owing to dissatisfactory extent of satisfying clients' expectations (e.
Enter Jack, a suave South African who fills the void created by her dissatisfactory marriage.
It's an understatement to say this sentence is totally dissatisfactory to the family," Lane said.
Though the experience with the Court for the Trial of Impeachments and Correction of Errors was not grossly dissatisfactory, the tribunal proved less useful as a true constitutional check than might be desired, with the senators composing the court finding little need to revisit the propriety of statutes they had already deemed constitutional.
Workers are said to be at their wits' end over what they believe is a dissatisfactory drought compensation package from the state.
Colgate and Hedge (2001) saw almost one quarter of a bank's customers leave within three months of their dissatisfactory encounter.
For the entire group of professors taking part in the survey (N=60), the wage is the factor indicating a strong dissatisfaction, while for the professors in the pre-university environment, the lack of promotion possibility is the second dissatisfactory factor.
Various factors have contributed to the slow development in this area: 1) Dissatisfactory Cost/Benefit Ratio: Water-soluble phosphines are expensive and cumbersome to synthesize.