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The last two experimental groups were seeds dissected from fruits, one group consisted of a single planted seed (Dissected Single: DS) and the other group consisted of three planted seeds (Dissected Multiple: DM) in order to match the CM experimental group.
Approximately an hour and a half before the end of the lab, the two readers at each table consolidated their notes on dissected structures from both sides of the body.
Whole brain was dissected and first examined directly without fixation using epifluorescence microscopy (Olympus, Hamburg, Germany) to determine if GFP was being expressed.
Commonly dissected wild-caught animals include seven million vertebrates like frogs, turtles and sharks, and countless in vertebrates like grasshoppers, crayfish and starfish.
The remnants of these dissected bodies may well have been given some sort of funeral by local authorities or by the students and teachers involved, but the ceremonies must have been altered to suit the circumstances, since Italian funerary ritual centered on the physical object of the corpse, normally covered only by a cloth and usually exhibited with its face exposed.
Gomez-Pinilla and other neurobiologists have aimed to fill this information gap by working with lab animals such as mice and rats--creatures that can be easily manipulated to sort out each one of an experiment's variables and that, unlike people, can be dissected in the end to get an insider's view of the brain.
We dissected along the infiltration plane to the ranula while managing to avoid rupturing it and preventing the loss of too much soft tissue.
More than bodies are dissected in this novel, as Gerritsen pulls apart the relationships of men and women in the workplace and the minds of both the good guys and the bad.
The dissected structure has a tectonic (and curiously sensuous) complexity that recalls elaborate matchstick models: 35 000 planks each 450mm thick are trussed together with steel wire in modular sections and mounted on a steel frame.
The surgical team dissected blood vessels away from the abdominal muscle and harvested the flaps of skin and fat from the donor twin.
He has meticulously recorded and dissected each of his dreams, and he uses them to introduce advances in dream research.