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18 GSI018 Dissecting Forceps, Toothed Size- 12 cms.
A Danish zoo, which sparked a massive online outrage and prompted an international outcry by killing and dissecting a healthy giraffe and telecasting the entire procedure live online recently, has now killed two lions and their two cubs in order to make way for a new male.
At Edinburgh University, Alexander Munro continued the work of his father and grandfather in anatomy, by dissecting dead bodies to teach students about the human physiology.
Students can learn a lot about the internal structure of their own bodies by dissecting the digital animals.
I don't think there is any purpose to dissecting a real animal, especially in high school," Douglas said.
Charles Roselli, a physiology and pharmacology professor at OHSU, is dissecting the brains of so-called "male-oriented" rams in search of a hormonal explanation for their homosexual behavior.
The typical method for storing male sex cells involves dissecting the epididymides--tubes that store sperm in the testes--from dead animals.
To paint better, he studied anatomy, dissecting human bodies and drawing them in detail.
Much of this novel consists of their endless conversations dissecting each little thing that has happened in their lives.
A Mind Patient and Untamed: Assessing John Howard Yoder's Contributions to Theology, Ethics, and Peacemaking is an anthology of essays by a variety of learned authors, each dissecting of the works of John Howard Yoder, known for "The Politics of Jesus" and other writings in which he scrutinized the Bible and his own Anabaptist tradition.
Either the TissueLink DSTM dissecting sealer or the TissueLink Floating Ball was used to bluntly dissect the tumor free, while simultaneously sealing and coagulating the bleeders.
Her art can hit you like a ton of bricks, dissecting the most uncomfortable aspects of gender, society, religion, and politics.