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The Online Dissector is organized in a logical manner according to body region and includes a table of contents.
Conflict between grasper and dissector for a right handed surgeon was hard to solve.
During each lab period, the dissector showed the reader the structures as he/she exposed them and the reader gathered information on each structure obtained from the textbook, atlases, and/or lecture notes.
Known as Digestor, Dissector, Cremator, and Fermentor, they sound like a tale from the crypt, not a Northern California metal band.
Then we use a dissector to separate the vestibular branch of the VIIIth nerve from the cochlear nerve, and we transect it with fine-tipped neurosurgical scissors (figure 1).
Schechter, aka the "News Dissector," penned a column in February about TV networks' lackluster coverage of Black History Month.
At the same time, Benedetti insisted on his own manual skill and the record of his personal experience both as a dissector and medical practitioner, as well as on the importance of dissection for both physicians and surgeons.
He's looking to resurrect his old radio personality, ``Danny Schechter, The News Dissector.
The investigators used a newly developed tool called a dissector to calculate the density of neurons in three-dimensional sections of the frontal cortex samples.
Photo: Sppech dissector records a voice, then projects image of its pattern; it's part of Exploratorium's computer exhibit, which opens March 14