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Two minutes thirty seconds," he finally said to the Dissembler.
Therefore, the Billian court correctly and definitively ruled that "[i]f the facts of a case give rise to a duty to disclose under Johnson, the seller's state of mind motivating the failure to disclose is immaterial; the forgetful or unsophisticated seller is just as liable as the knowing dissembler.
His skillfulness as a dissembler is polished enough to dupe the entire community of Barton Park into believing he is a virtuous young man with noble intentions.
While false reporting that goes undetected increases net-of-tax consumable income for the dissembler, empirical evidence suggests that individuals suffer psychic costs from cheating [2; 16].
Bresson claimed that he rarely saw any movies, but he has been proved an inveterate dissembler.
A Discovered Dissembler Can Achieve Nothing Great'; Or, Four Theses on the Death of Presidential Rhetoric in an Age of Empire.
As his sufferings and his queries fill him with "bitterness" (9:18), he thinks God is a dissembler who only pretended to have loved him: God is merely "dissembling; biding your time .
Est enim apud Partitions addressed--as you Tullium ingeniosa quaedam nec suppose--to his son, which is the reprehendenda sui ipsius gloriandi work of a dissembler.
For example, Philibert de Vienne's 1547 The Philosopher of the Court, translated in 1575 by George North, calls Socrates "the greatest dissembler in the world" (97-98).
Throughout this tedious work, Levine seems nothing more than a dissembler who, five years after pleading guilty, has learned from his crimes only that it's best not to get caught, He has slapped together a thoroughly unbelievable, self-promoting tome that rounds out his career perfectly: an unremarkable investment banker turned unimaginative crook turned lousy author.
23) Elizabeth makes More's narrative possible by delivering its perspectives and its key subjects: hers is the only voice in the unfinished History, besides More's, that expresses the historical Tudor vilification of Richard as a dissembler who uses "painted processes" and "trifling pretexts.
Since no man can engage the active Assistance of others without first engaging their Trust; and Moreover, since Men will trust no further than they judge one for his Sincerity," Franklin mused, then "it follows that a discovered Dissembler can achieve nothing great or considerable" (1987, 1290).