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It is also the very first country to graduate from the enhanced General Data Dissemination System (e-GDDS), under which Senegal launched a National Summary Data Page -- a one-stop online data publication portal--laying the foundation for moving to the next level of IMF data standards, the SDDS.
Establishment of a control room for dissemination of information regarding traffic plan also came under discussion, while it was decided that at Charsadda Road, Kohat Road and Haji Camp Adda, large size Panaflex boards would be displayed and also pamphlets would be circulated among the masses.
The EDDI2 will start in May 2015 to provide technical assistance and training to national statistical systems in the 44 countries on national accounts and prices, monetary and financial statistics, government finance statistics, external sector statistics and data dissemination.
Does the intelligent dissemination of information about competitors in company's vertical levels affect market performance?
The literature tends to describe dissemination of results in terms of translating research findings into policy or practice however, the larger issue of how to inform people within an organisation of research findings in projects they have participated in remains somewhat obscure.
9) Bayer had submitted the ads for Agency review at the time of the ads' dissemination as required by 21 C.
This section explains the theoretical framework and deduced hypothesis about the antecedents of within-school dissemination of innovative and good teaching practice.
Perhaps the most disadvantaged phase of the intelligence process, in terms of methodological progress, is the intelligence dissemination phase.
This study aimed to find (a) the predictors of research dissemination and utilization in State Higher Education Institutions in Region IV, Philippines, and (b) whether the following factors such as institutional research program, human resource and material resources predict the research dissemination and utilization in state higher education institutions in the Philippines.
The brief outlines a number of major factors found by NEHI research that could influence the creation of a coherent and effective CER dissemination strategy, including: existing and anticipated hurdles to CER dissemination; new trends in healthcare improvement that are potential drivers for CER dissemination; and policy choices for optimizing CER dissemination.
Since May 2007, NASA has changed some of its policies on the dissemination of research results through publications and presentations, but has not changed its policy on dissemination through news releases and media interviews, although it has made a key leadership change in its main public affairs office.
Comprehensive information on Libyan statistical production and dissemination practices now appears on the IMF's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board, a press release by the IMF said on 9 December.

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