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I claim that when read with post-structuralist theories of literature and subjectivity, Orlando shows its subversive and disseminative potentials.
It is true that taking this approach means that no single text, medieval or medievalist, can be deemed to hold the ultimate truth within the disseminative process of the Middle Ages' path through their medievalist afterlife.
The dissemination of expert knowledge and the physical requisites for conducting scientific research are rightly regarded as global public goods, (5) but the potential for serious misuse of biological knowledge is a particularly striking example of a problem that is woven into the fabric of our globalized world: the nature and extent of disseminative systems that defy centralized control and in some instances, even comprehensive understanding.
So it would be immensely tempting now to hypothesize some sort of collecting that transcends the hermetic and subjective, and moves into a realm where the book's disseminative power and its place on a collector's shelves can be easily reconciled.
The Rocket is that ambivalent signifier that both generates a textual network or "system" and also ravages it internally through its disseminative power: it is both a structured and structuring device and also destructive and de-structuring.
The dissemination of Biblical knowledge does not perplex historians of slavery or the spirituals, but the functionality (Sidran's "actionality") of Biblical material relied on another disseminative presence:
The threat the poet has most to fear is broached in sonnet 69, where the World' co-optation of the beloved is associated with a disparaging use of language tha is insidiously disseminative and thereby undermines the narcissistic economy of the mirror relation.
Knowledge transfer and expatriation practices in MNCs: the role of disseminative capacity.
However, knowledge disseminative capacity of knowledge senders remains underexplored.
28) Like women restricted to the domestic sphere, literature becomes immured from modern disseminative reinscription and redescription.
Variables measuring the disseminative capacity of knowledge senders and the absorptive capacity of knowledge receivers were strongly positively correlated (p < 0.
Were its position purely critical, or purely disseminative, were its effect only the inspiration of paranoia, it would most likely ward off its readers.