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Sidwell RW, Dixon GJ, McNeil E 1966 Quantitative studies on fabrics as disseminators of viruses.
I suggest it will be useful to understand these apparent anomalies as part of copyright's regulation of competing disseminators.
3--Encourage admissions and financial aid officers, together, to seek out opportunities to speak at local and regional gatherings of important information disseminators.
1 provides XML submission and storage; parameterized disseminators, basic access control and authentication; OAI metadata harvesting, a default disseminator, searching, and a batch utility.
As disseminators of democracy, we have dirty hands from a century of cynicism, and we are far from sincere even today.
Therefore, it becomes all the more important that media and the public in general not be uncritical disseminators of the protechnology ideology fostered by the technology elite.
Vygotsky suggests that parents and teachers are most effective when they act as models and facilitators rather than disseminators of skills in a tightly controlled context.
Disseminators may be best thought of as linking agents positioned to move research into practice.
Still, when Sereni discussed, for example, the introduction of railways in the landscape, he went far beyond Hoskins, who saw rails as wreckers of solitude, privacy, and intact hillsides, rather than as integrators of markets and disseminators of capitalist agricultural specialization.
In their job as information disseminators, when they give out bad information in class it has far-reaching effects, like ripples from a stone tossed in a pond.
Despite the fact that the disseminators of ASP would like to believe that their interventions are becoming more widely applied, the empirical evidence shows that the overwhelming majority of coaches are simply not applying PST (Stewart, 1993).
But these disseminators of doom, who ignore the fact that all non-Spanish-speaking immigrant children who do not have bilingual education took the English Stanford 9 exam, say that there is no proof that one year is enough for a child to learn English.