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The Protocols and Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent were the early disseminators of this theory, which fascists in the 1930s did their best to spread throughout the world.
Rather than working as disseminators of information, Garland Non-Traditional High School teachers act as guides, helping students do their own research.
FAIZABAD (PAN): The first program for training public awareness disseminators for the upcoming presidential election was launched on Sunday in the northeastern Badakhshan province.
The clutch of thin bamboo shoots branching out of it, we are told, are the disseminators for the air freshener.
Sheikh Mohammed has been among the biggest disseminators of this sense of history, adding an Arab angle and naming his two global operations, Godolphin and Darley, after the founding stallions from ancient Arabia.
Information regarding the prevalence of these bacteria in wild birds is scarce and biased toward avian species ecologically linked to humans, which have often been incriminated as both reservoirs and disseminators of these enteropathogens.
In the behaviorist viewpoint, teachers are the disseminators of information and students are passive receptacles of the knowledge that teachers impart (Hay & Barab, 2001; Tullavantana, 2002).
The eisteddfod's ancient roots were merely a device for sorting out the wandering minstrels - the news disseminators of the day - from the parasitical vagabonds that plagued society.
Web logs, or blogs, have been around for several years, serving as online journals for web-savvy disseminators of information, ranging from personal ramblings and product reviews to social commentary.
Writes Father Manuel Guerra Gomez, who published a book on the phenomenon in 2003, "I know that a great number of Pentecostals are evangelicals and the principal disseminators of Protestant fundamentalism.
Laurenza proceeds by first presenting an intellectual tradition to the reader, constructing a medical history of issues on the nature of the soul from Aristotle and Galen through Albertus Magnus and his vernacular disseminators such as Mondino and Hieronymo Manfredi (the latter a new addition to the current provisional list of Leonardo's possible sources).
com), dedicated to exposing disseminators of inaccurate information on the Web, EPS posted details about the incident, answering the individual's claims, and offering links directly to his accusations for viewers to browse for themselves.