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However, as the chief expressed the liveliest satisfaction at the result, I was too wise to dissent from his opinion.
in quick reply to a gesture of dissent from the housekeeper.
He led the way, and no opinion he slyly uttered was preposterous or impossible enough to draw dissent from his following.
In earlier articles the Monsignor has made public his dissent from Rome on matters like personal Confession and the place of general absolution, Confession before First Communion, priestly celibacy, and the role of bishops, implying at the same time that Rome is out of touch with us sophisticates in Canada (see C.
Bishop Alexander Carter, President of the Canadian Bishops' Conference in 1968, said: "We faced the necessity of making a Statement which many felt could not be a simple Amen, a total and formal endorsement of the doctrine of the encyclical-We had to reckon with the fact of widespread dissent from some points of his (the Pope's) teaching among the Catholic faithful, priests, theologians, and probably some of our own number" (America, October 19, 1968, p.
Importantly, the conclusion that sustained dissent from Citizens United could be fruitful reflects no judgment about the merits of the Court's First Amendment analysis in that case.
Judge Wesley often defers to institutional authority, and is very willing to dissent from a decision of his peers when he believes institutional authority has been undermined.
Like James Loney, all three have an erroneous concept of the individual conscience, going back to the dissent From the 1968 encyclical Humanae vitae which led many people to propagate the idea that conscience was independent of Church teaching, even from the most solemn teaching.
There's no doubt that Catholic Church officials down through the centuries have taken a dim view of dissent, whether it was dissent from official doctrine or dissent from the orders of a legitimately appointed church superior.
Hence, those who choose to dissent from established Church teaching and who are committed to sowing the seeds of dissent, such as teachers and professors employed by a Catholic educational institution, are anything but peacemakers.
In this regard, they are in dissent from the teaching of the Church as enunciated by the Holy Father and the Bishops.
On these and other questions, America presented a spectrum of opinions among Catholics, including those who dissent from Church teaching and encourage others to do the same.