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However, I am drawing an illusory line, neither red, green or in the sand, between dissent as a right, and even as a duty, and blind dissent to the point of being complicit with a known enemy, while the dissenter is definitely against this enemy, but is ignorantly on the latter's side.
Although White defines a dissenter as someone who breaks away from the herd and thinks for himself, the dissenters he chooses to write about may speak to his own ideological preferences.
The dissenter may have an original insight, ultimately of significant value to the group.
The most credible dissenter, of course, was Dwight Eisenhower, who in his 1961 farewell speech famously warned of the military-industrial complex's growing influence.
Jaar has profoundly understood the ethical tradition of the Left in Italy, paying it a sort of homage with the entire trilogy, and honoring the integrity of Pasolini in his stimulating role of radical dissenter.
Remembering Roger Williams" (page 53) analyzes the legacy of the colonial religious dissenter and advocate of fair treatment of Native Americans.
EEOC Commissioner Stuart Ishimaru was the lone dissenter in a three-to-one vote to downgrade several district offices.
governance, dissenting by deciding allows a dissenter to reaffirm her
In the end, the United States was the lone dissenter.
AT THE END OF 1702 Daniel Defoe was in his early forties, a London dissenter born and bred, a married man with eight children, the owner of a brickworks in Tilbury and a government spin doctor, paid to write in praise of the administration's policies--an activity that aroused the same contempt then as it does now.
The lone court dissenter, Justice John Paul Stevens, claimed that the chief beneficiaries of this ruling would be "the class of professional criminals whose conduct persuaded Congress that the public needed federal protection from extortion.
The last thing anyone wants to look like is a dissenter in the current environment.