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And in England dissenters aren't gentlemen, are they?
Thee dostna believe but what the dissenters and the Methodists have got the root o' the matter as well as the church folks.
He meant to show the High Churchmen how absurd and wicked was their desire to punish the Dissenters for worshiping God in their own way.
During the remaining ten years of his life his reputation and authority among the Dissenters almost equalled his earnest devotion and kindness, and won for him from his opponents the good-naturedly jocose title of 'the Baptist bishop.
She came of Quaker stock, and he and his family, formerly Dissenters, were now members of the Church of England.
Dissenters resort thither in great numbers, as other people do, simply because it is a land of resort; and great settlements of them are founded, because ground can be purchased, and towns and villages reared, where there were none of the human creation before.
Spray's hearers, however, were incapable of following his subtleties, and many old-fashioned Dissenters were much pained by his "siding with the Catholics"; while others thought he had better let politics alone.
The films aired on public television, narrated by Ian Richardson, comprise five one-hour presentations, one each on "The Scientist," "The Dissenter," "The Prince," "The Artist," and "The Warrior.
Commissioner Michael Berger was the lone dissenter, and Commissioner Rob Parris was absent.
Gauna also relies in his first chapter on the works of apologists such as Guillaume Farel and especially Pierre Viret to construct the Renaissance figure of the "libertin spirituel" or "revolte," who falls into one of two broad categories: the intellectual dissenter embracing rationalism and skepticism (Des Periers sustained by the commentaries of Averroes) and the existential dissenter espousing naturalism and eroticism (Tahureau following Epicurus).
Father Richard McBrien of Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana the well-known dissenter, wrote that the theological opinion that canonizations are infallible is not a doctrine.
Councilman Nate Holden, the sole dissenter in the council's 11-1 vote Tuesday, said Wachs political ambitions - he is running for mayor - were driving the issue.