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The richness and depth of her argument concerning her American Renaissance "dissenters" make The Complicity of Imagination a major challenge to scholarly views stressing antebellum culture's ability to assimilate and co-opt culturally dissentient tendencies.
One of the few dissentient voices was Jeremy Peat, chief economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland.
The sale of the Young Street house was approved by members at an Extra-ordinary General Meeting held on 11 November 1968--there was but one dissentient voice.
The second proposition often advanced is that the assonance that inheres in consensus tends to grease the gears of the justice system: "The sense of satisfaction obtainable from complete unanimity is itself a valuable thing and it would be sacrificed if even one dissentient were overruled.
It is an essential part of democracy that substantial groups, even majorities, should extend toleration to dissentient groups, however small and however much their sentiments may be outraged.
Those three were Washington, Duval, & Story, Judge Johnson being the dissentient.
At present, the Education Act provides for the creation of dissentient, or separate, school boards.
After all, they understood everything; there was no dissentient voice, no one to say, "What does this mean?
This is because "[t]he drafting of dissents for circulation amongst the court creates a dialogue which can lead to the incorporation of some of the ideas of a dissentient in the opinion of the majority.
In spite of all the criticism for embracing a family-run structure, the Congress party did offer sufficient internal democratic space -- both formal and informal -- to the non-dynastic members who were also encouraged to express their supportive as well as dissentient viewpoints.
157) In the 1995 Chen ruling, the Court endorsed the dissentient below in a one-paragraph ruling.
Nevertheless, since the 1960s, something counter has been struggling to find its dissentient voice.