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86) The dissentients said the regulation set up an absolute bar to fulfilment of a religious duty; (87) dismissing the contention that the wearing of the skullcap would affect discipline within the forces as 'surpass(ing) belief.
The vice consists accordingly in a violent conflict "between mutually dissentient parts of one people, as when one part of the civic community rises in tumult against another part".
It is still not confirmed whether Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was acting on his own accord or on the advice of Anwar Ibrahim when the uttered dissentient messages against Mahathir's administration criticizing the existence of "cronyism" and "nepotism", similar to the case of Suharto in June 1998.
Justice Crennan, in Harriton and Waller, wrote the leading judgment; Kirby J was the sole dissentient in both appeals.
The dissentient who rejected the first charge was Professor Hollis Cooley (Washington Square College of Arts and Science), a devoted civil libertarian who wrote a three-page explanation of his support for Bradley on each of the charges.
Such deterritorialization of rap and hip hop from its original sites in dissentient black urban neighborhoods of America has, of course, not always had positive ideological effects: Ice Cube says of the phenomenon of mass white listening to this music that "It's kinda like being at the zoo.
The clarity of logic, and the exact reference to events, polity and dissentient witness makes for a persuasive argument.
To colonial subjects abroad and national subjects at home, Conversion "offers help, but desires power; smites out of her way roughly the dissentient, or dissatisfied; bestows her blessing on those who, looking upward, catch submissively from her eyes the light of their own" (110).
More usefully, it affords professors the opportunity to pursue controversial or dissentient research without the fear of capricious or imperious retribution from either the institution or the state.
Having previously focused on unmasking those processes whereby the past is covered up, Meltzer and Thorne show that it is equally, if not more, imperative that the future remain visible in the dissentient telling of--and listening to--multiple, divergent stories.
Aikman]--that, where a congregation become dissentient among themselves, the nature of the original institution must alone be looked to, as the guide for the decision of the Court--and that, to refer to any other criterion--as to the sense of the existing majority,--would be to make a new institution, which is altogether beyond the reach, and inconsistent with the duties and character, of this Court.