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Commentators have emphasized that a dissenting opinion may not need to wait to become "tomorrow's majority" but may in fact have its glory today.
After several years with few dissenting votes on FOMC policy decisions, the number of dissents rose to an average of nearly one per meeting between 2008 and 2013.
Finally, the basis of the dissenting Justice's disagreement with the precedential case--a factor that has not received much attention in the academic research on sustained dissent--will likely affect a Justice's decision to reject that precedent and cling to a prior dissent.
A dissenting opinion generally aims to persuade a future court,
dissenting from denial of certiorari) (footnotes and internal citations omitted).
79) Lawyers frequently cite dissenting opinions to distinguish their positions or to support a change in law; judges, likewise, frequently extract law from dissenting opinions.
Second, it served as a flagship and model for a loose national network of Dissenting schools, thereby promoting its unique pedagogy of free inquiry and critical debate in seminar-style settings as an alternative to the educational morass of eighteenth-century public schools and Oxbridge.
Justice Ginsburg, in reflecting on dissents, observed that "with difficult cases on which reasonable minds may divide, sometimes intensely, one's sense of [j]ustice may demand a departure from the majority's view, expressed in a dissenting opinion.
Despite the rich tradition of the American common school and its value to our country (remember Commager's "our schools have kept us free"), the reader of the The Dissenting Tradition would do well to pay attention to the lessons from dissenters Carper and Hunt believe we should observe.
Meanwhile, conservative Canadian Anglicans said the recommendations made recently by the Archbishop of Canterbury's Panel of Reference "fall short" of providing "adequate protection" to dissenting parishes.
In the March 8 issue of the Prairie Messenger, for example, columnist Maureen Weber exalts the 19 dissenting Quebec Catholic priests, referring to homosexual activity as an authentic expression of "love.