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Lhuillery (2006) and Fahlenbrach (2009) dissert that firms with governance practices that are shaped to defend shareholders' rights are more R&D intensive.
They dissert that both compensation and investment in innovation policies are determined simultaneously.
Wu and Tu (2007) dissert that top managers have incentives to increase R&D investments when expected firm performance is good.
Cumulative prospect theory (Tversky & Kahnemen, 1992) dissert that performance-based incentives help in resolving the long-horizon and managerial risk-aversion associated with investment in innovation.
While he disserts on their incapacity for action, the seven young men are left to their anxious hesitation at the site of Napoleon's tomb, the fittingly named Les Invalides.
Beautiful rose flowers on the periphery of the vegetables gardens are sold to hotels and restaurants for adding favours in their disserts.
Later we see a disillusioned Justice, butting heads with a right-ward-titling Court, writing disserts laced with bitterness.