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There is equal dissidence in our camp as to who should be allowed to join.
The Sudan Liberation Movement which during the first two year of the conflict was the largest rebel movement in Darfur, is now divided to several groups after the first dissidence of Haskanita conference in May 2005.
On the other hand, in Sisi's first year in power, we have seen mass violence against members of the Brotherhood, and increasingly, other political dissidence, which has become a mainstream part of Egyptian life.
We have documented 23 years of scandals and dissidence, more than 100 scandals in the most recent years alone.
Sixth: Asserting on supporting national unity and confront dissidence witnessed in the Kingdom as a result of the illegal acts.
Secondly, it is to analyse the discursive strategies, the collective actions and the alliance networks that contribute to the promotion of LGBT politics such plural as queer dissidence or equality rights.
The image of hair-fly is crucial in her work, for her liberated women must not only let their hair down but have it fly up to the sky and stir breezes of dissidence.
Le choix par la jeunesse tunisienne d'exprimer cette dissidence et la charge subversive par la danse du Harlem Shake parmi toutes les autres modes de l'annee en cours, y compris la fameuse danse du Gangnam style, n'est pas fortuit.
Her dissidence is often the result of a consistent outrage at the wrongs present in Afrikaner society.
In the end Wylie's most drastic act of dissidence has serious consequences.
Elle conclut que le droit doit permettre aux groupes marginalises de reclamer la protection de leur culture ou, inversement, de resister a des incursions culturelles et que ces revendications juridiques n'etouffent pas necessairement la dissidence au sein des cultures minoritaires.
He revels in calling himself a dissident, but will tolerate no dissidence in others.