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When considering the socioeconomic importance of sweet potatoes, it is essential to characterize the genotypes in germplasm banks for genetic dissimilarity in order to eliminate duplicates and guide further crosses in breeding programmes.
In the matching approach, we first calculate all dissimilarity distances among topological strings with node-by-node SDF values of two 3D models.
For molecular analysis, Jaccard coefficient (Jaccard, 1908), dissimilarity matrix, principal component analysis (PCA) and hierarchical cluster analysis was measured based on binary data (0 and 1) by using XLSTAT version 11.
The proposed SDC function combines the dissimilarity term and sparsity term as shown below
Three interrelated pieces of information characterize school enrollment patterns, and I document changes over time in all three: the degree of interaction, as measured by black student exposure to white students; dissimilarity indexes for schools and districts; and overall demographic composition.
If the GCRI is regarded as the centroid, the CRI features can be classified by their dissimilarity with GCRI cases.
Also, a Similarity Percentages Test (SIMPER) was used to identify the top three taxa contributing most to the dissimilarity between significantly different regions, as shown by ANOSIM.
The partition of beta diversity was calculated pairwise between each environment, where the mean of total dissimilarity (Psor) and of each component (Psim and (3nes) was measured for lentic vs.
The scale is constituted by the four dimensionsincluding dissimilarity uniquenessfavorability and credibility.