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As a concluding remark, we suggest that the overall hydrolytic enzyme activities as well as arginine ammonification were enhanced due to endophyte infection, even though the genotypes were responded dissimilarly.
Soelve Curdts's "Dying into Prose" not dissimilarly reads Wordsworth's epitaphic writing as "'re-marking' the indeterminacy between language and semantics, between word and referent, between tropes and meaning" (105).
Either extrinsic motivation did not fit into the hypothesized model, dissimilarly with previous findings of Ntoumanis (2002) and Standage, Duda and Ntoumanis (2005), in which non-autonomous types of motivation have been shown to be related to negative outcomes in PE.
We find that rail can also be easily grouped with the two distribution industries while water behaves quite dissimilarly to the others.
Not dissimilarly, for those currently living in Beirut it is likely that the sound of a pneumatic drill at first light will always remind them of a city in the throes of change -- a city both casting off and painting over the vestiges of its past, a city in the simultaneous but dichotomous processes of destruction and creation.
therefore internal and external responses should be analyzed separately to statistically determine if the two groups are in fact responding dissimilarly.
229) If the government, as it did in Arrelucea-Zamudio, (230) rejects the defendant's request because it does not have an authorized fast-track program, the defendant would have sufficiently demonstrated to the court that he was not dissimilarly situated to a fast-track defendant.
Not dissimilarly, molecular biology is the epistemological program of the rewriting of life in terms of a "behavioral computer" based on four basic nucleotides.
Not dissimilarly, "On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book" (CCLXXIII) meditates on how one day "the book will close upon us," but also reminds us, self-reflexively, of how Turner's own book very commonly encloses the tiny creature as subject.
Joy, people react dissimilarly to different types of meat, not because there is a physical distinction among them but because people's perception of them is different.
Not dissimilarly, Bulgaria, which is increasingly playing an important role in initiatives in the Western Balkans in co-operation with the EU leadership, also called for a dialogue to "address specific problems related to the daily lives of the citizens" of Serbia and Kosovo.