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Computers, on the other hand, are very good at detecting small dissimilitudes, as anyone who has written code must know.
Elles generent aussi de la dissimilitude, mais toute dissemblance ne s'aligne pas sur la seule distribution de la richesse, ni sur l'un de ses plus importants corollaires, la profession.
Poking fun of the supposed similarity between "four" and "five" and "feeding" and "gleaming"--a disparaging of Wordsworth's idea of similitude in dissimilitude from his 1800 "Preface to Lyrical Ballads--Reynolds also has the mock-Wordsworth defend a line of poetry, "Catch as many as you can," with the footnote, "I have also given these lines before; but in thus printing them again, I neither tarnish their value, nor injure their novelty" (178).
In their formulation and interpretation of the analogia entis Przywara and von Balthasar see the Fourth Lateran Council's (1215) famous formula as a signpost: "quia inter creatorem et creaturam non potest tanta similitude notary, quin inter eos maior sit dissimilitude notanda.
Other early modern practitioners of astrology show a similarly keen sensitivity to place, as when William Ingpen wrote in 1624 that astrology helps explain the "admirable dissimilitude .
He pointed out many elements of dissimilitude between ophiolites and layered mafic igneous complexes, such as Skaergaard, including the scarcity of plagioclase in the ophiolitic peridotites, their relatively uniform mineral composition, the high-temperature deformation of peridotites, the occurrence of deformed chromite deposits and the paucity of hypabyssal rocks of various compositions.
They are Energy (E), Homogeneity (HOM), Entropy (H) and Dissimilitude (DIS), described in the equation (10)-(13), respectively, where L represents the image width or height, [P.
Thesaurus options are "variety, miscellany, assortment, mixture, range, medley, multiplicity, variegation, heterogeneity, diversification, difference, unlikeness, dissimilarity, distinctiveness, dissimilitude, contrast, conflict.