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Again a reminder that what political figures say to different other people can be many faceted, used to argue, persuade, dissimulate, obfuscate, manipulate but very rarely to provide a balanced honest view with an advocacy of a truly legal humanitarian goal.
My office is considering the criminal responsibility of Sudanese officials who actively deny and dissimulate crimes," he said, adding that the crimes in Darfur "are continuing.
Te rhetorical possibility of such a thing exists only through recourse to an unmarked norm that dissimulates its status as a fashion.
Given the choice between telling the truth or dissimulating, he would dissimulate, even though it brought him no appreciable benefits.
It begins with Keilen noting the curious "willingness" of English writers "to emphasize rather than dissimulate England's subaltern" relationship "to ancient Rome" (4).
On that line, the queer "excess" of Lee's post-mortem voice-over functions to dissimulate commodificatory telos, naturalizing Lee's victimization not simply as an inevitable result but as an essential matrix of her unrelinquished stake in the system that has so ruthlessly exploited her.
He acknowledged taking "precautions" with his language in the book, but added that taking these "precautions did not dissimulate my opinions but remove their aggressive character.
And, as we shall see below, blue-washing is considered dangerous not only because it allows private enterprise to dissimulate its motives but also because it tarnishes the UN's image.
Whoever does not dissimulate is a fool, for no intelligent person goes naked in the market".
Curiously enough, under certain circumstances the Crown itself authorized Viceroys to dissimulate the extension of the grant for a third, and later a fourth or a fifth lifetime (Ots Capdequi 1943: 254; Haring, 1972: 269).
of no agent, dissimulates a great deal: primarily it would dissimulate
It is a kind of subjectivity which does not conceal, dissimulate or defend