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As these immigrants reveal a certain economy of gestures and emotions regarding these discriminatory events, a body language and behavioural analysis would probably infer repressed, hidden or dissimulated feelings, not clear at first glance.
We dissimulated the financial years in question by naming the year in which the Company was introduced to the Marche Libre in 20N.
This vital function is at once condensed in and dissimulated by the central "Stelle" of the text, which is also a "Stelle" of an act of reading that demands to be read, i.
In Jerusalem they dissimulated, and on the ground they built.
They have dissimulated their faith believing that, in the end, al-Mahdi will return to deliver the faithful and punish their oppressors.
To have dissimulated his distaste in order to curry favor with the public, or to please his friend Bingley, would have reduced him to being merely polite.
These and other works here seemed but a dissimulated and even poetic sketch of that primary human activity, the production of shit.
In a recent study of the Reformation in Venice, John Martin explains that in "the increasingly repressive climate" of the Venetian republic in the late 1540s, when it became clear that a reconciliation of the Catholic Church and the various Protestant sects would be impossible, many evangelicals dissimulated their beliefs, choosing "to view public ceremonies as meaningless in themselves" while "continu[ing] to hope for the day when they might express their evangelical ideals openly.
That is not to say that the one-time missionary dissimulated when she
Elin Diamond quite cogently argues that performance gives us access to such cultural critiques: "Performance as I have tried to suggest, is precisely the site in which concealed or dissimulated conventions might be investigated.
The characters' seeming-love appears after audiences learn that each has dissimulated an identity to the other.
The Ja'faris have dissimulated their faith believing that, in the end, al-Mahdi, their hidden 12th Imam (the last in the Twelver sect - known in Iran as Wali e-'Asr) will return to Earth to deliver his faithful, punish their oppressors - no matter how powerful such oppressors may be - and rule the world in justice (see the background of this theocracy in rim6IranSafawidsHistoryJun28-04).