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As these immigrants reveal a certain economy of gestures and emotions regarding these discriminatory events, a body language and behavioural analysis would probably infer repressed, hidden or dissimulated feelings, not clear at first glance.
We may do well to think from this angle the ease with which a consuming fantasy of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, despite a profusion of evidence to the contrary, rushed to the fore to saturate the imaginaries of a nation, or of the obsessive, absurd logic of cold warriors convinced that every arms reduction treaty was a dissimulated tactic of Russian strategic aggression, or of the continual and belligerent assertion of Western leadership that plunges the United States again and again into terror-filled scenes, or of the periodic hysteria over North Korea's nuclear weapons program despite its rather obvious and tired use as a bargaining chip to secure KEDO (Korean Peninsular Energy Development Organization) and suchlike assistance.
9) For a start, what is dissimulated by our own political and moral discourses, and by our skewed media perspective, is the universal truth that 'the characteristic act of men at war is not dying, it is killing' (10) We cannot simply take the fact of the chaotic savagery of war per se and assign it to a 'dark' past from which we have evolved as enlightened citizens.
In a recent study of the Reformation in Venice, John Martin explains that in "the increasingly repressive climate" of the Venetian republic in the late 1540s, when it became clear that a reconciliation of the Catholic Church and the various Protestant sects would be impossible, many evangelicals dissimulated their beliefs, choosing "to view public ceremonies as meaningless in themselves" while "continu[ing] to hope for the day when they might express their evangelical ideals openly.
The characters' seeming-love appears after audiences learn that each has dissimulated an identity to the other.
I don't think so, the German traveler dissimulated, waving a pair of faded terry-cloth briefs that had emerged from behind the spare tire, in front of the curious Mennonite's nose.
This may say more about my reading than about Arrizon's writing, but it certainly limits the usefulness of this volume for anyone without the technical background to decipher sentences like these: "From the non-singularity of 'performative' acts to the utter-active discursive practices that produce performativity, the enactment of conflicting structures is (paradoxically) dissimulated and conditioned in the process of reiteration.
76) about the Spanish court in which a certain Alonso implied that a noble woman was a prostitute, saying: "although what Alonso said to signora Boadilla does touch a little on chastity, it does not displease me, because i t is done in an offhand way and is so veiled that it can be understood on the face of it, so that he could have dissimulated and claimed he did not mean it in that way.
Surely these were not attributes that could have been dissimulated from the British and US embassies that were the co-conspirators in flesh and blood in the October butchery and its grimmest of aftermaths?
Selecting an audience perhaps already inclined to believe the message, building upon already confirmed assumptions and stereotypes, making claims appear logical, scientific, irrefutable--these are some of the dissimulated codes of its success.
See also Heliogabalus's life in the Historia Augusta, as a dissimulated portrait of Constantine written by a pagan author in the Theodosian period, and the introduction to its French translation by A.
It is fitting that the writer conclude in this work that painters, musicians, or poets spend their lives in search of the priceless and the dissimulated, and that the illusions to which they leave us heir do not alleviate our own personal search for answers to our questions.