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The sheen appears to be dissipating," the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) said in a statement, after inspecting the area with helicopter overflights.
According to the magazine, bundling muffles price signals and obscures the management costs of institutional investments apparently dissipating investor wealth in the process.
OrthoLite ESD foam can be integrated into any style of footwear or other application where electrostatic dissipating cushioning is required.
The key difference between the two types of gases is that atoms or molecules in ordinary gases collide without dissipating energy, whereas granular-gas particles lose energy via numerous paths during impacts, such as to sound and heat.
The Oxnard Plain's farming expanses had the look of the wind-swept Midwest on Wednesday when a tornado sped between Camarillo and the coastline before dissipating near Point Mugu, officials said.
Wieder denies that there are hot or cold spots because his system allows the water to "soak" in the mold channels after the end of the cooling pulse, dissipating heat through the mold mass.
Melanin, a skin pigment, protects against UV exposure by absorbing the light and then dissipating the energy as heat.