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He should apologise and Mr Andy Gilchrist should make sure that he dissociates himself from this unwarranted attack and apologise on behalf of the FBU as a whole.
One way to pry hydrates loose would be to release some pressure on the deposit, which would cause the methane and water to split apart, or dissociate.
The book does sketch potentially useful structural patterns within single texts and across texts (the way simple plot problems generate Shakespeare's narratives; his use of two-part design), which may serve a reader able to dissociate them from their interpretive freight.
3] (hematite) is very unstable and as its Gibbs Free Energy of Formation illustrates, it will dissociate into FeO when exposed to ferrous melt temperatures.
Finally, we must dissociate ourselves from the sentiments expressed by the American Embassy, and put more succinctly by Lynn Garrison, a Canadian aide to the regime in Port-au-Prince, who told The New Yorker, "There is too much freedom of the press here.
NYSE:EPD), has also elected to dissociate from TOPS effective April 16, 2009.
Summary: Speaker said Friday the wave of popular upheavals in the Arab world was affecting Lebanon, but defended as "wise" the government's policy to dissociate itself from the 10-month unrest in Syria.
The bishops of Congo, West Africa, are the latest to voice their condemnation of the consecration in New Hampshire of Bishop Gene Robinson and to dissociate themselves from dioceses and parishes "involved in Robinson homosexuality.
Each ethnic group fears the other - the Shia majority broadly favour a religious state, the Kurds - brutally oppressed by Saddam - want autonomy and the Sunnis who profited under Saddam want to dissociate themselves from the Ba'ath regime.
One wonders if, for an artist like Trockel or Ghada Amer, more than a simple disclaimer would be required to dissociate such materials from readings beginning and ending on the sewing-room floor.
Ultimate claims of territorial authority (like those of the Montana Freemen or the Republic of Texas movements) or attempts to dissociate from the jurisdiction and processes of the Constitutional order (as threatened by the Christian Identity movement) demonstrate the least capacity for congruence or conversion, and portend an engagement of serious conflict in which the exercise and final dominance by government power has been well defined by Mormon and Native American religious history.
The resulting superheated steam will dissociate into hydrogen and oxygen on contact with the liquid metal.