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The Stroke City Doherty Clann Association, however, has issued a Press statement dissociating itself from pie-eyed Pete.
Dissociating pain from its anticipation in the human brain.
AT our meeting today, the members of Arwystli Deanery clergy chapter were unanimous in warmly welcoming the appointment of the Venerable Tony Crockett to be the next Bishop of Bangor and in dissociating themselves totally from the comments recently published in the media concerning the appointment.
The paint contains an ingredient with marine biocide properties, wherein the binder comprises a blend of the rosin material and an auxiliary film-forming resin in a ratio of 20:80 to 95:5 by weight, the auxiliary film-forming resin comprising 20-100% by weight of an acid-functional film-forming polymer whose acid groups are blocked by groups capable of hydrolyzing or dissociating to leave a polymer soluble in sea water, the blocking groups being selected from divalent metal atoms bonded to a monovalent organic residue, divalent metal atoms bonded to a hydroxyl residue and monoamine groups which form an organic solvent soluble amine salt of the polymer, and 80% to zero percent by weight of a non-hydrolyzing water-insoluble film-forming polymer.
He also tried to reassure Republicans who might be uneasy about his liberal disposition, dissociating himself from previous, deliberately ambiguous remarks about gay marriage and raising the minimum wage.
And it stunted the growth of the entire Left, which devoted much of its energy and resources to evading Communist manipulation or at least dissociating itself from the Communists.
Molten iron is a good medium for dissociating water into hydrogen and oxygen.