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Additionally, dissociating before the LLC is wound up is deemed to be wrongful if it takes place by express will, by judicial order, in bankruptcy (in the case of a member-managed LLC), or by dissolution of a member that is an entity (other than an estate or nonbusiness trust).
He also tried to reassure Republicans who might be uneasy about his liberal disposition, dissociating himself from previous, deliberately ambiguous remarks about gay marriage and raising the minimum wage.
The scientists next disrupted the chromatin structure, dissociating the DNA from the histone H1.
TEPPCO believes that its actions in dissociating from the partnership are permitted by, and in accordance with, the terms of the TOPS partnership agreement and, should the need arise, intends to vigorously defend such actions.
Iran wants to take over the region and our interest lies within dissociating Lebanon from regional conflict," he concluded.