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Reducing consent to commitment, ignoring the significance of consummation, and disregarding God's role in the genesis of covenantal union, HC logically but fallaciously argue for the dissolubility even of ratum et consummatum marriages.
As Sarah Barringer Gordon suggests, the potential dissolubility of a consensual, seemingly permanent union was a political, as well as a social, issue for America in the Civil War era.
And, as has been well said, "the appropriate law by which dissolubility of
If one component is progressively added to another polymer component, its dissolubility in the polymer matrix, in general, will become weaker and weaker by degrees, which is apparently not in common with the experimental results of the SEM analysis.
One thread is the narrative of the church's efforts during that period to gain public control over the institution of marriage in order to obviate both clandestine marriages and the easy dissolubility of valid unions.
This large dissolubility of epoxy into rubber domains seems to be responsible for the suppression of rubber cavitation.