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22) Church law, however, develops gradually, and its early absence does not suggest that marriage was considered dissoluble.
24) However, the fact that the Church initially intervened with pastoral support to help couples remain faithful hardly shows that it considered marriage dissoluble.
26) However, after an extensive analysis of the texts used to support the claim that Basil considered some consummated, sacramental marriages dissoluble, Henri Crouzel concludes: "One established and certain fact remains: one cannot affirm that St.
Osann made a complementary analysis [18] for the part of platinum ore dissoluble in nitric and hydrochloric acids mainly to check the content of rhodium.
Manufacturers of soluble coffee have been expressing optimism about their 1996 sales and expect a double-digit growth in the case of specialties but a stagnation in the case of the pure dissoluble product.
Unlike tablets or pills that can be difficult to administer, once the dissoluble film is inserted into the animal's mouth or onto its tongue, it becomes tacky and adheres to the inside of the oral cavity, making it virtually impossible to expel.
Figure 3 shows the IR spectra of ethyl acetate dissoluble part and insoluble part of ETPI.
Through separated by ethyl acetate and calculated epoxy group content, the content of dissoluble part of ETPI powder and the epoxy group content of soluble fraction and insoluble fraction are obtained, as shown in Table 2.
For those nuptial cohabitors who do not proceed to a wedding, their martial relationship begun at betrothal would not be consummated and would therefore be dissoluble according to Canon 1142.
If we cannot presume that the older standard for consummation is adequate it is probable that, even by existing teaching, many more sacramental marriages are dissoluble than previously thought.
This means that three-fourths of the world's marriages are dissoluble.
Upon completion of the three new manufacturing lines the plant will have an annual production capacity of 60 million units of capsules, 100 million units of tablets and 10 million small packages (pouches) of dissoluble powder.