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Masque internationally distributes the first orally dissolvable strip scientifically engineered to mask the flavors associated with oral sex on a man.
Sales of the company's dissolvable smokeless tobacco products were stable over the previous several quarters but declined by $0.
However, the company is pleased with steadily increasing shipments to wholesalers on a quarter-to-quarter basis, and net sales of dissolvable tobacco for the second quarter increased roughly 109% over sales for the same period in 2006.
Blephadex is used in the treatment of Blepharitis and Demodex mites, while the dissolvable MacuStrip is a supplement for patients with Macular Degeneration.
Brand names: Bayer (also an ingredient in Excedrin and of some Alka Seltzer dissolvable tab products)
There are countless techniques, from dissolvable strips to 100 per cent natural charcoal polish.
MacuView is a dissolvable powder form, easily mixing into a beverage that offers better and more consistent absorption, the company said.
Life of a South Asian expatriate was saved after a hospital in Dubai implanted dissolvable stents in his artery, a first such surgery in the region telecast live last week.
Placing dissolvable or non-dissolvable plugs in a pain less procedure within the tear duct, keeping moisture within in the eye.
These dissolvable packs of energy conquer tiredness with a concentrated vitamin B formula.
Microfibers were used to release a dissolvable gel before sexual intercourse that will help fight against HIV infection.
Tuesday of National Public Health Week, the La Crosse County Health Department news release focused on tobacco products other than cigarettes and how those products, such as small pouches, dissolvable tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, are targeted to youth.