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For years, it remained a mystery why people would feel dissonance even when there were no negative consequences.
Although dissonance has increased, the vast majority of Americans still doubt that we have the capacity to reduce climate disruption.
The dissonance felt by an overwhelming number of the Black community has led to disengagement from other Eurocentric systems as well, most noticeably the schools.
We find that cognitive and emotional dissonance play themselves out in 3 different settings that can be broadly grouped as "love" (our close, personal relationships), "life" (our professional relationships), and "leadership" (the way we relate to groups of individuals).
As an educator, it is my work to create a context in which these new relationships will, indeed, be constructed, rather than one in which students hide or flee from the dissonance that underlies these golden opportunities for learning.
According to Aronson and Mills, to resolve the dissonance produced by reading the embarrassing passage, subjects in the severe initiation group gave more value to the discussion group than did subjects in the mild initiation group.
Second, I remain unconvinced that rejecting the "therapeutic orientation to clinical trials" would resolve cognitive dissonance.
Cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable feeling we get when our minds are registering conflicting information, when this happens, our natural reaction is to induce dissonance reducing thoughts or actions to regain consonance.
However, our study still provided some insight about the effect of cognitive dissonance on college students' intention to improve diet and physical activity behaviors.
Because adolescents are typically in a time of identity versus role confusion (Erikson, 1950/1963), the cognitive dissonance they experience is magnified.
Unprecedented in particular is the enactment of depraved laws by Catholic politicians who nevertheless present themselves for Holy Communion, apparently immune to the psychological condition known as cognitive dissonance.
Perhaps more interesting than the introduction of various popular vocabularies into his art--a standard operation in much work today--is the way that the digital methods of picture production seem to alter the very space of representation itself, producing a strange sense of emptiness and visual dissonance.