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See Green Paper, supra note 7, at 14 ("Fisheries control has generally been weak, penalties are not dissuasive and inspections not frequent enough to encourage compliance.
Thus, the report adds, "a series of amendments introduced in the Criminal Code, the Prevention of Corruption Law and the two Laws ratifying the Council of Europe Criminal Law Convention and its Additional Protocol have remedied some important deficiencies, namely insufficiently dissuasive pecuniary sanctions for corruption offences, and imprecise definition of some bribery offences".
International standards require sanctions that are proportionate, dissuasive, and effective.
Mulla said in a press conference today : "There are innocent prisoners and detainees languishing since years in prisons, in the same time and paradoxically there are free and loose militias ," describing the latest statements made by the so-called General Secretary of Hezbollah of Iraqi Wathiq Battat, as : "a threat to the Iraqi people, without taking any dissuasive measure against him by the government or by some politicians who are in reality sympathizing with Battat.
La defense, rien que la defense, avec une armee dissuasive, apolitique et professionnelle", a-t-il precise dans son discours annuel sur l'etat de la nation.
Prior to the session, State Minister Mohammad Fneish said, in response to a question about "Ayyoub" drone, that this step indeed highlighted that the Resistance was a dissuasive force in case Israel ever thought of attacking Lebanon.
La peine en droit de l'environnement canadien : De la sanction dissuasive a une approche centree sur la reparation de l'atteinte, Universite Laval.
Although this tribunal has listened carefully to the r epresent at ions from Rangers about the practical effects of the additional sanction, it has concluded that this sanction was proportionate to the breach, dissuasive to others and effective in the context of serious misconduct, bringing the game into disrepute.
Restrictive regulations have a dissuasive effect on the choice of the branch, as our results corroborate those of Cerutti et al (2007).
Article 23 of the directive mandates only that penalties for noncompliance issued by member states be" effective, proportionate and dissuasive," leaving specifics to individual governments to decide.
Some dissidents criticized the Damascus opposition conference, arguing in a statement that "Revolutionaries must take dozens of security and dissuasive measures before they can hold such a meeting, so as to avoid being jailed, tortured or eliminated.
Stanley further mitigated the impact of the statement by refusing the term "friend," a designation for someone who would be supportive, not dissuasive.