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While Saudi Arabia and Iran have contributed in the past two Palestinian division by supporting different sides, their mutual distate for Hamas could provide opportunities for cooperation.
Speaking as many people took to the streets to celebrate the former leader's death, the Defence Secretary said: "There are plenty of people whose political views I abhor, but I don't think it's appropriate at the time of someone's death to express one's distate for their policies in terms of any kind of celebration.
Steve Stockman of Friendswood invited as his guest to the address, igniting a firestorm - made no secret of his distate for the president's words.
Vaginismus is an undue tightening and 'spasm' of the muscles of the vagina and may be due to fear, axiety or distate of intercourse or to local conditions such as scarring or infection producing pain (15).
The harsher among them even drew on his membership of the Hitler Youth to spice up their distate for the head of a Catholic Church which has never been so susceptible to low blows.
Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull, reporting from London, said "the domestic distate for this bill stems from the feeling among many Icelanders that they don't want as taxpayers to be paying for the sins of their banks.
He came here from Iran probably about 20+ years ago, but when asked he refers to himself as "Persian," possibly being mindful of the reflexive distate for anything Iranian these days (and counting on most Americans' ignorance of the connection).
Since Union followed League into professionalism, I think that we, the Unionites, having accepted the best part of a decade ago that any distate that was based on snobbery was damned unhealthy, have played the lets-be-chums card quite often enough.
But with the current authoritarianism masquerading as "freedom" emanating from Washington, an era in which America has arrogated to itself the right to decide who rules where, if not who lives where--(as per the recent demands to kill or overthrow Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat to be dropped, Charles Taylor being covertly ousted, ditto Robert Mugabe, ditto Hugo Chavez, and Washington's distate for the International Criminal Court, the Kyoto Agreement on Climatic Change, the UN Convention on Biological Weapons, etc, etc)--the British government (even if it has the will) can do almost nothing in Diego Garcia against American wishes.
Despite Lucy's obvious distate for Polly's tactics, she herself employs them to satisfactory effect at times.
But Ghana has never been a member of De Beers world-wide cartel, nor has the group invested directly in Ghana due the latter's distate for apathied and anything associated with it.