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We were moving slowly up the river as the creature bore down upon us with distended jaws.
His head flashed up, huge jaws distended, fangs gleaming, to sink into the slender, silken-hosed ankle above the tan low-cut shoes.
 Till, its black hide distended with bad blood,
Nicholas distended his stomach with a bowl of porridge, for much the same reason which induces some savages to swallow earth--lest they should be inconveniently hungry when there is nothing to eat.
The skin about the abdomen is much looser than that on the back; hence, during the inflation, the lower surface becomes far more distended than the upper; and the fish, in consequence, floats with its back downwards.
and each in his turn repeats the same down to the least distended, leakiest, and flabbiest paunched, that there be no mistake; and then the howl goes round again and again, until the sun disperses the morning mist, and only the patriarch is not under the pond, but vainly bellowing troonk from time to time, and pausing for a reply.
It was indeed quite preposterous, yet he saw it all with his own eyes--it was nothing less than Histah, the snake, wreathing his sinuous and slimy way up the bole of the tree below him--Histah, with the head of the old man Tarzan had shoved into the cooking pot--the head and the round, tight, black, distended stomach.
Dolly, upreared, with distended nostrils and wild eyes, was pawing the air madly with her fore legs.
Trunks without heads waved at you arms without hands; legs without feet kicked fantasti cally with collapsible flourishes; and there were long white garments that, taking the wind fairly through their neck openings edged with lace, be came for a moment violently distended as by the passage of obese and invisible bodies.
In the general uproar one could hear every individual drop strike on the stout and distended silk.
He had come out of a highly hygienic prison round like a tub, with an enormous stomach and distended cheeks of a pale, semi-transparent complexion, as though for fifteen years the servants of an outraged society had made a point of stuffing him with fattening foods in a damp and lightless cellar.
He approached his face with fiercely distended nostrils close to mine so suddenly that I had the greatest difficulty in not starting back.