distinctive characteristic

See: speciality
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No two companions could be more different, but their differences made a capital basis for a friendship of which the distinctive characteristic was that it was extremely amusing to each.
Another distinctive characteristic of the Reformed tradition of which Presbyterians are a part is that we think the law of God is mainly a good thing.
One of Milk Music's distinctive characteristic is its 8-second caching feature.
The minister explained the scarcity of renewable water resources as a distinctive characteristic of the region, the critical issues of sustainability water strategies within the inner borders of countries and between neighboring countries, the water management and the continuous deterioration of the available natural water resources which has become during the past 25 years equally distinguishing features as well.
Julia Unwin, chief executive of JRF, said: "The level of in-work poverty is the most distinctive characteristic of poverty today.
At only three months old the playful cubs have a particularly distinctive characteristic that sets them further apart from other jaguars of their kind, a rare skin pigmentation that will intensify with age.
While opposition to the healthcare bill is perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of Tea Party supporters in the new poll, their views on abortion are also notable.
The distinctive characteristic of the project strategy is that FLP draws its strength from the existence of CDFs which call for the involvement of communal decision making bodies from project identification to completion, resulting in a high-level of confidence within the community through clarity of the project objectives and procedures with special focus on fund management and accountability.
The distinctive characteristic of Baycusan's film formers is their unique structure.
In addition to improvisation, another very distinctive characteristic of jazz is the use of seventh chords and chord structures that have added 9ths, 11ths and 13ths.
Perhaps its most distinctive characteristic was its support for armed black self-defense.
Another distinctive characteristic of the faculty, and a relatively recent development, is the mixture of permanent and temporary teachers.

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