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Nor do I agree that great books and ideas are distinctively masculine, nor that they are at all elitist.
Now, instead of tolerance, these authors are talking about how the growth of a distinctively queer theological sensibility is changing the church and the world.
Ukadike's wholistic, interdisciplinary, and ultimately pragmatic approach to African film balances the claims of social-political education and artistic pleasure, advocates the integration of distinctively African qualities with Western film techniques, and accepts the need for non-African funding as well as the imperative for African governments to help underwrite film production.
Our plan is to distinctively classify Contadina's new and wide range of refrigerated pastas, sauces and pizza kits for the consumer so that our section is easier to shop," said Dawn Caldwell, director of marketing for Contadina.
In allowing us to see how handsome very banal materials can be and what a wealth of historical allusions they may contain, he appears to be a lover of classic arte povera who translates that style into a distinctively American artistic idiom.
Lesser voices all the characters distinctively, with one exception--when Sally and her business partner, Frederick, engage in dialog, their voices are a shade too similar and it's not always clear who is speaking.
City officials are considering purple pipes, distinctively colored to avoid confusion with drinking-water pipes, from Avenue E to as far south as Milling Street.
Clearly written by Elissa Grodin and distinctively illustrated by Victor Juhasz, D Is For Democracy is not an ordinary alphabet book.
For this 1,500-SF model unit, he is creating a distinctively modern, urban ambiance featuring contemporary furnishings (including selections from his recently/lunched furniture line, CAMPION) and a 'loft-like' feel which capitalizes on the building's extraordinary ceiling heights.
Hardly a typical soundtrack for a go-go troupe, but the Cameras capture the hand-clapping catchiness of a sing-along revival show, even if the "hymns" have a distinctively queer spin on spirituality.
Several other skull and lower-body pieces look distinctively Neandertal.
Phillips weaves his own witty and distinctively British observations through the affecting, beautifully reconstructed stories of three figures from the past.