distinguished quality

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A display of indifference to all the actions and passions of mankind was not supposed to be such a distinguished quality at that time, I think, as I have observed it to be considered since.
Makkah Excellence Award aims to encourage the distinguished quality of work of prominent individual or collective efforts.
Founded in 1949, McIntosh Laboratory is known for offering distinguished quality audio products, superior customer service and the ultimate experience in music and film.
Regions Bank (NYSE:RF) has been recognised by Greenwich Associates for providing distinguished quality service to middle market clients.
The development of this package is consistent with the Centre's strategic plan which aims at launching a series of new training packages that target inspection and customs operations sectors in order to attain distinguished quality and global competitiveness", she added.
Established by experts in district cooling service, the new meters are expected to ensure distinguished quality output.
The association describes the protection as "a public or private land possessing an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and nocturnal environment that is specifically protected for its scientific, natural, educational, cultural, heritage and/or public enjoyment mission of a large peripheral area".
He pointed out that the social work represented by the NGOs is an extra value which presents a distinguished quality of performance level, hailing their great role in supplying the Ministry with the required equipment to activate their role and boosting their presence in the international organizations.
In addition to that, we have a distinguished quality of service which exceeds our guests' expectations.
Jackson Grayson Distinguished Quality Pioneer Medal for his innovative leadership; he was also named the 2009 North Carolina Superintendent of the Year.
McDermott took his time to find the range but when he did, he was more confi- dent and boxed with distinguished quality.
The six Airbus, said Majali, have distinguished quality technical and services specifications for seats, seat pitch, music, games and means of passenger entertainment.

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