distinguishing quality

References in classic literature ?
An infinite discretion is the distinguishing quality of pious families; they are reticent about everything, even about matters of no importance.
In order to find high quality hyperbaric solutions designed by industry leaders, people are turning to specialist hyperbaric equipment suppliers for help in distinguishing quality products from those built to sub-optimal standards.
For the Best and Brightest Wellness Champions program, the distinguishing quality of successful wellness programs was dedication towards comprehensive wellness across all criteria rather than a single emphasis such as awareness or assessment.
The exclusive designs in her jewellery and dinnerware, as well as the distinguishing quality of her work, have made her the designer of choice for high net worth individuals, as well as royal families in the region.
His most distinguishing quality is his loving portrayal of desert life, into which he weaves cultural elements of Tuareg myths and customs.
Her bright and bubbly personality, together with her drive to get things done, was a distinguishing quality she possessed.
His dexterity was flawless, power tremendous and responsiveness breath-taking, but his truly distinguishing quality was to reveal the clarity and coherence in Godowsky's textures and pick out thematic material with unerring certainty.
She is tall and gray-haired with a weather-beaten face whose other distinguishing quality is unmistakable sadness.
In fact, a distinguishing quality of both books is the authors' providing of space and light to the primary texts themselves.
One related but distinguishing quality of the generation of 1960 is an art produced from industrial or building materials that are marshaled but otherwise untransformed--found materials, but more specifically ones that could also be described as surplus, residual, or left behind: Carl Andre's bricks; Robert Morris's threadwaste and felt; Robert Smithson's broken glass; Richard Serra's rubber and lead (Serra actually manufactured residue and waste when he threw molten lead into the comers of a Castelli warehouse in 1968).
As the bark dries it curls unto itself creating frayed and papery cinnamon quills, a distinguishing quality in true cinnamon.