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Denigrating the Religious Right by claiming that it distorts and falsifies the teachings of that nice mister Jesus is like denigrating the Gestapo by claiming that it distorted and falsified the teachings of that nice mister Hitler.
Goldberg's first book, Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News, came out in 2001 to an enthusiastic reception from conservatives and shrill denunciations from liberals, often replete with personal attacks.
It penalizes the policy purchaser and significantly distorts income over the policy's life.
The peephole image is transformed by a fan behind the wall blowing on a miniature disco ball, which distorts the view and makes it kaleidoscopic.
But every map distorts shape, area (size), or distance.
This alters and distorts the natural energy flow in our biology.
A report released on February 18 by the Union of Concerned Scientists, a group of 60 prominent and influential research professionals, contends that the Administration regularly distorts scientific findings and manipulates expert advice to advance its political agenda.
No evidence exists that debriefing reduces the incidence of posttraumatic stress disorder, and some investigations suggest that debriefing distorts the natural course of psychological healing after a severe trauma, the scientists remark.
Although it's easy to share Quart's indignation about the branding of America's littlest consumers, it's unfortunate that her ire sometimes distorts her vision of popular culture.
Doing feminist theology means uncovering the pervasive and unnoticed sexist bias that distorts our language, worship, and biblical stories of God and oppresses, marginalizes, and belittles half of humanity.
This practice distorts medical-loss ratios and makes them difficult to compare between plans.
The latest Sean Connery movie ''Entrapment'' has drawn the ire of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad who complained Tuesday that the thriller distorts Malaysia.